Evolving a brand

and revolutionizing Tampa nightlife.

When I first met with the team at Lit they had only been open at their new location for a couple of months. After a successful launch on a Super Bowl Sunday that saw the hometown Bucs win their first Championship in nearly two decades, they knew that their brand was a force in Tampa nightlife.

Lit created their own culture when the transitioned from the traditional boys club that is cigar lounges and implemented policy and service changes that led to an experiences that could be enjoyed by all.

Lit Cigar and Martini Lounge is an upscale lounge in the heart of Downtown Tampa. They offer live music, special guest performances, and VIP service. I was given the opportunity to help build the brand from the ground up. Lit represents the next generation of cigar and martini lounges. We feature a powerful combination of unmatchable atmosphere and exemplary VIP service, giving us a unique vibe that is welcoming to both men and women.

Special Guest | Grammy Nominated Artist Ginuwine Performing Live at Lit.

Through the implementation of branding guidelines, I was able to create digital content, marketing campaigns, and a website that brought their vision to life. I also installed a new CRM system that streamlines the customer booking experience as well as collects data for re-targeting and analysis.

Website Management

The main focus for the development of their web presence was continuity throughout the Lit experience. We also needed to achieve higher placement on search engines like google. By back-linking with reputable sites and driving organic traffic from social media we were able to reach our goal. Currently, Organic google searches serve as 53% of traffic, with social media and direct traffic both contributing around 22%.

When lit wanted to streamline their booking process, they asked us to research a solution that was easy to use and could be used by multiple people so their staff could stay on the same page. We were also able to implement an industry specific CRM tool built into the website. It allows for customers to make reservations and look up events. It is connected to an app that employees use to access and retarget customers that have subscribed. Over 1,500 paying customers.

Throughout this process, we kept a focus on following the branding guidelines previously established and finding more ways to reach new people.